Mother Reading a story book to her daughter

Story Books that bring Music to Children

Story Books take Children to a whole new land. We’ve found our picks of story books that help your kids add a little music to their imaginations.

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On a wooden table there are musical keys, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, sound mixer, headphones, computer and drum sticks.

How can you be an effective music teacher?

Teaching music is never only about music! There are so many things that come into play that you may not be able to anticipate and be ready for. Whether you are just starting out to teach or have been teaching for a long time, this is a must read for you. For, we are about to give you 5 simple tips that absolutely work to be an effective music teacher!

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Teaching Major Scales made Super Fun, Easy & Interactive.

Have you ever found teaching major scales a major task? We can SO relate. Here’s a great process of approaching them with your students that helps students look forward to playing major scales. You can use games and singing while also teaching your students correct technique, theory! Yes, you heard it right and here is how!

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Teaching Minor Scales using games and challenges.

More often than not, by the time you introduce minor scales, the students are already tired and bored of scales in general. Here is how I introduce them in my lessons through games and challenges. Its kind of like sneaking them in without the student realizing. By now they have learnt too much and enjoyed too much to rebel against them!

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Kids listening to music

How Music Parents can Support their Child?

It is a tough job to be the parent of a child who is learning music! Specially if you come from a non-music background. We’re here to provide you with 10 most amazing secrets that will make you quite popular with that musical child of yours and help you contribute in making their musical journey simpler!

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Talking to your Little Musician

Parents often find it difficult to talk to their children about their music lessons. There is a lot that you don’t understand and are unable to help out. So we’ve got a bunch of conversation starters that will help make this easier for you to connect with your child about this.


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How to get the most out of music practice?

If you are finding it difficult to push yourself to practice, or, if you are not being able to get the the most out of all your hard work, Trust us, we know what you are going through! Using our experiences and research, we have complied a list of solutions to help you not only practice efficiently but also help you make the process so much fun!

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Why Should I take Music Exams?

Do music exams actually measure your progress? Is it actually necessary to take these exams if you don’t want to use your music education professionally? Do music exams hold you back? Every student asks themselves these questions. Although they may not be bible to go by, there still are a lot of reasons and situations that music exams may be your friend.

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