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How it all began….

Hi, I am Akruti Gupta, a piano teacher for over 10 years. After learning and teaching music as a passion alongside my education, I decided to make it into my full time career. It was the most exciting feeling to choose this unconventional path in life and actually be able to earn a living through it.

But as it is with everything, this adrenaline packed period had to come to an end. That is when I began to observe the difficulties and gaps that exist for students as well as teachers in the western music education space. I started experimenting and innovating with my own teaching and soon saw how things I was doing was starting to work for me and click for my students as well.

It occurred to me that if I was facing these problems and looking for solutions there must be others in the same boat as me. This is where I came up with the idea of The Music Measure.

Who we are

The Music Measure is a platform dedicated to western music education in India. It is meant to create an impact that is bigger than just one classroom. Our aim is to create a community for western music teachers where we can share our ideas and together create growth and collaboration oppurtunities for ourselves.
To help you do this, we provide you with resources, teaching aids, information and regular teacher meetups that help you spread the magic of music in your classroom.

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