How to get your adult students Moving and Grooving?

How to get your adult students Moving and Grooving?

by | Aug 1, 2023 | Counselling, Teaching Ideas

Teaching adults can be a delightful and rewarding experience, but it’s not uncommon to encounter some hesitancy when it comes to getting them to move and groove in the classroom. We understand that adult music students can be a bit shy and self-conscious, but fear not! We’ve got you covered with five fantastic tips to bring more movement and excitement into your music classes. Let’s create an atmosphere where everyone can embrace their inner rhythm and have a blast while learning!

Power of Counselling

Before the music even begins, take the time to chat with your prospective adult students. Set the tone right from the start by explaining that your classes will be more than just sitting and listening. 

Adults do not like to be caught off guard. If they are already aware of what they are signing up for, they are more likely to enjoy the process. 

Assure them that music is all about feeling, expression, and communication, and encourage them to leave their self-doubts at the door. Creating a warm and welcoming environment can do wonders in building confidence and encouraging movement.

Start Grooving from Day One

Introduce movement in your music classes right from the very first session. By doing this, you establish a culture of active participation and show your students that movement is a natural and integral part of music learning. 

Adults are more likely to embrace new things in their first lesson. After the first lesson, they’ll form an opinion about the class, accept it and go back to their comfort zone. 

There are many ways you can introduce movement from the first music lesson. Just remember to slide them in matter-of-factly and not make a big deal about it at the moment!

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Everyone needs a Dance Partner

Remember, you’re not just the teacher; you’re a fellow music lover and mover! Join in on the fun and participate in all the activities alongside your students. 

Adults do not like to be put on the spot. Make sure when they’re engaging their body with music, you are not continuously staring at them like a teacher.

They’ll appreciate a teacher who isn’t afraid to let loose and have a good time. Taking an active part in their learning will foster a sense of camaraderie and create a judgment-free zone where everyone can comfortably express themselves.

Enter Your Student’s Musical World

While teaching adult students, it is essential to know their taste in music. You can even include this in their admission form! The more you know about them, the easier it will get to teach them. While doing any movement-based activity, try to listen to music that they are used to hearing. 

Adults are the most comfortable with familiarity. Including music that they already listen to and like, will not only make them feel relaxed but also validated!

Make sure you take joy in their music. Feel free to let them know if you haven’t heard any of their songs. They’d love to be the one to introduce you to something new. 

Stronger Together

Organize a small community for your adult students. You can do this by way of groups on social media – WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, whatever works for you. Share ideas and motivation for students together. Share their journeys with each other. Encourage them to communicate with each.

Adults need to know they are not alone. They’re always going to have questions about their pace of learning. Understanding that they’re not alone will relax them into being silly sometimes. 

If possible, organize virtual or in-person meetups. This can be in the form of a short informal teaching session, a musical evening where you sing, eat and socialize, a quiz, some musical games or even a small dance party. The conversation is sure to flow toward music lessons as that’s the link that binds them all together. 

Teaching adult music students can be an enriching experience, and by incorporating movement into your classes, you’ll take their musical journey to a whole new level. Remember, a relaxed and creative atmosphere is key to encouraging adults to step out of their comfort zones and embrace the joy of moving to the music. So, let’s groove together and make music a dance that everyone can join in on! Happy teaching!