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Benefits for Music Teachers

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Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination & life to everything


TEACHING BEAT to Beginners

5 Fun & Creative ways to Teach Beat in the First Month of Music Lesson Beat is the first and most important concept to instill in students when they start learning music. It is the heart of the music we hear, sing and play. In the first month of music lessons,...

London College of Music – Syllabus & Format

London College of Music (LCM) offers a wide selection of exams. Although the format of most exams is similar, it is not exactly the same. Let us make your life easier. Just click on the instrument family of your choice and know the list of instruments that LCM...

10 Tips How to Find Your Ideal Tutor

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Duets in a Solo Classroom

Duets in a music classroom must not be left out. These days, more and more students are opting for solo lessons for their music lessons. The concepts of ‘value for money’ and ‘optimization of time’ come to mind. But is it really that?If you set out to make music your...

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