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Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination & life to everything


Story Books that Bring Music to Children

Story books are a very important for children. While there are other resources like sheet music present, story books help the little ones experience a whole new world and push their imagination. Best of all, story books teach kids something new. They also have this...

Duets in a Solo Classroom

Duets in a music classroom must not be left out. These days, more and more students are opting for solo lessons for their music lessons. The concepts of ‘value for money’ and ‘optimization of time’ come to mind. But is it really that?If you set out to make music your...

Key to Build a Successful Music Teaching Studio

When you are trying to teach music, let us not even try to contest whether or not you know your subject. Of course you do! But as many of you would have realised, that is not enough, is it? There are so many hurdles that come in the way of running a successful music...

Teaching Minor Scales through Games

Have you seen our process on how to teach your students to play the major scales? One would assume that teaching minor scales would follow the same process, right? You teach them to sing, recognize errors, play by ear and so on. But there is one very important thing...

Teaching Major Scales made Super Fun!

Teaching Scales to students and getting them to practice these scales has always been a task! The first step to this is teaching major scales. When we start, to students, it generally feels like a chore. There is always the question ‘WHY?’. Why do we have to learn...

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