If you are a music student or a music teacher, examinations is something that will definitely be something in your agenda or something you have to take a decision on.

There are various western music exam boards in India through which students can opt to take music examination. Here you can find a quick overview of all the exam board options you have, their focus and use this to choose the right exam for you.


Another thing that will help you make your decision on the board you want to chose for your western music examinations is the syllabus and the exam structure. It is very important to be comfortable with the kind of skills tested in each exam – whether or not this is in line with your goals in terms of the kind of music education you wish to receive – and to see whether the list of repertoire options provided is of your interest. Performing pieces that you enjoy automatically helps enhance your experience!

ABRSM—Exam Syllabus & Structure

Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) provides eight to nine graded exams starting from Initial (in selected subjects), proceeding to Grade 1 and going all the way up to Grade 8.  They provide exams that are based on subjective feedback instead of a quantitative one—Prep Test and Performance Assessment. A prep test […]


London College of Music (LCM) offers a wide selection of exams. Although the format of most exams is similar, it is not exactly the same. Let us make your life easier. Just click on the instrument family of your choice and know the list of instruments that LCM provides graded exams for, the link to […]

TRINITY Rock & Pop—Exam Syllabus

As Music Education grows, the need to diversify the syllabus becomes apparent. These days, people are viewing music education as a lifestyle and not just a hobby. They are realising that not only can it provide a career opportunity but also a lifetime emotional support. But, not everybody is looking to expand themselves in the […]

TRINITY Music Exam Syllabus

Trinity College London provides a flexible exam structure in the early years of learning. This encourages the students to try different skills and start recognizing the path that the musician inside them wants to take. Here below, we have for you links to the music exam syllabus of all the subjects offered by Trinity and a […]


While everyone understands and enjoys the practical aspect of music, the theoretical aspect of music is often standing in court being asked to justify its importance. Well, let us look at it in a more relatable manner. When we learn to speak a language – any language – we cannot learn it without understanding grammar. Yes, when we speak or read we may not be thinking about each word as a noun or a verb, but the fact that we learnt those aspects of the language help us understand why we are speaking a certain way. It helped us understand that the sentence ‘I are learning to read music‘ is incorrect and why it is incorrect. It also helped us correct the way we speak.

Music is also just a language, that has certain rules. If you know these rules understanding music and reading music will become much much more simple that it is now.

Here you can get information on how various boards conduct their theory of music examinations. The topics that they test on, the structure of the papers and much more! Stay tuned and keep reading. Also just remember, if there is any information we haven’t yet put is, you can always contact us and enquire. We will be happy to help you!

Theory of Music Examinations

Theory of Music Examinations
London College of Music

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