Examination Overview and Marking Scheme (Grade 1–5)

TOPICGrade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Grade 5
General Multiple Choice Questions20 Marks10 Marks10 Marks10 Marks10 Marks
Writing Scales, Arpeggios and Broken Chords20 Marks20 Marks15 Marks15 Marks15 Marks
Correcting Mistakes15 Marks10 Marks10 Marks10 Marks10 Marks
Ostinato & Sequences10 Marks10 Marks
Transposition15 Marks15 Marks15 Marks15 Marks
4 part SATB15 Marks15 Marks15 Marks
Composition15 Marks15 Marks15 Marks15 Marks15 Marks
Analysis20 Marks20 Marks20 Marks20 Marks20 Marks

Examination Format & Hacks (Grade 1–5)​

If you are planning to appear for a Trinity College of London Music Theory Examination, it is very important and helpful to know the format of the paper and the type of questions asked. If you are able to understand these, you will be way ahead in the game of scoring high and possibly even get  hundred percent in the examination!

Just click on the grade you are aiming for and get our hacks and a better understanding of the examination.