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Welcome to The Music Measure Studio, where we bring decades of experience to craft a personalized course for you. Through our pedagogy, we aim to inspire you to reach new heights of musical excellence. We offer interactive and engaging piano lessons for all ages and skill levels. So whether you have a kid who wants to begin or you yourself want to start learning as a hobby, or, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, our personalized approach will help you develop solid technique, music theory knowledge, and performance skills.

Join us on this musical journey and experience the joy of playing the piano!

Our Approach


Age: 3-5 year olds

An exploratory introduction to music for the little ones. We engage students in pitch exploration, rhythm clapping, basic music theory, proper technique through singing, clapping, coloring and other movement based activities.

Group Sessions
Monthly Fee: INR 2000/-


Age: 6-15 year olds

An interactive and progressive approach to piano playing that focuses on holistic learning. Our lessons cover piano playing, ear training, theoretical understanding, improvising and expressing through listening, stories and artwork.

Group Sessions
Monthly Fee: INR 2500/-

Solo Sessions
Monthly Fee: INR 4000/-

Piano Pals

Age: 16+ year olds

A personalized approach to piano lessons that empower students to achieve their musical goals. We take the time to deeply understand each student’s unique aspirations and work collaboratively to help them unlock their full potential.

Solo Sessions
Monthly Fee: INR 4000/-

Other Programs & Workshops


Age: 18 months – 3 years old

Toddler Tunes is an interactive music workshop designed just for toddlers! Through known and specially designed new rhymes, we teach action words and concepts while encouraging physical movement, cognitive development, and socialization. Come sing, dance, and play with us!


Age: Adults

Our Singing Circle provides a safe and welcoming space for individuals to come together and enjoy the joy of singing. No previous singing experience or talent required – just bring your voice, an open mind and come unwind, have fun, and connect with others through the power of music.


I’ve been learning with Music Measure since 2017 and love her style of teaching. She has a very adaptive way of teaching depending on the student’s ability, Stage of life and time without compromising on progress or quality.

Neha Khanna

Fabulous place if you want your kids and even you to learn piano. Akruti is super passionate about their art and its transmits to the kids as well. Have enrolled my daughter with her and she is loving it!!

Bhuwan Mehta

Piano classes with Akruti are a lot of fun. Her style of teaching is quite creative. I was hesitant to start learning piano at this age, but she’s made the process very enjoyable.


Shreya Gupta

Akruti maam is the best Piano teacher in south Delhi! She is very knowledgeable and extremely good with the kids.

Akanksha Gupta

My kids have been going to her for the last 5 years .One if the most patient , innovative & loving teachers I have come across. Thanks to her , our journey has been a melodious & enjoyable one so far.

Divya Bhargava

Definitely recommend!!
Have been thoroughly enjoying learning piano with Akruti. Her method has really helped me stay on course despite having a very hectic work schedule!

Sana Hazari


What you’ll learn


  • Proper technique for quality sound and control
  • Music theory, including scales, chords, rhythm, and harmony
  • Sight Reading to learn anything you want
  • Ear training for better listening
  • Interpreting and understanding music
  • Building a repertoire
  • Improvisation and creative expression

What you Need


  • An instrument – a piano or keyboard at home.
  • Practice, practice, practice – learning the piano is all about consistent effort. While you’ll have a lesson with your instructor once a week, make sure to be your own teacher every day!
  • A learning mentality and a go-getter attitude – with the right mindset, you can conquer any challenge and achieve your goals.

About Us

The Music Measure was founded by Akruti Gupta. She is an experienced piano teacher with an experience of over 10 years. She incorporates her extensive knowledge of music theory and technique into her lessons, helping students develop their musical abilities. She adapts her teaching methods to suit the individual needs and goals of each student. With her passion for teaching and years of experience, Akruti Gupta has helped numerous students achieve their musical aspirations.

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