Music Theory

The Clefs


Lines and Spaces

While you learn about the music staff, it is essential to strengthen your absolute basics. A strong base can do wonders to your ability to read music.

Here we have 4 worksheets focusing on recognizing the the difference between line notes and space notes. They also aim to establish the line or space number of the staff on which the note sits. 

Simply click on the images of the worksheets to view them and click on button below to download a PDF with all the worksheets!


THE STAFF: Moving on…

Once you know the lines and spaces, you have to learn how to move around on the staff. Going up, means you’re going higher in pitch, going down means that you go lower in pitch. Its that simple! Once you have understood how to navigate well, nothing (except, of course, practice) can stop you from becoming a pro-reader! Keep scrolling down for more fun worksheets to help you achieve just that!

Stepping on the Staff

Everyone knows the classic join the dots. Here is a music version of the same. Just join the dots by stepping up on the staff and see what comes up.

Just click on the image to view the worksheet and click on the button below to get your own PDF.


Step up, step up, step up!! Let’s keep practicing. Here are three more exciting worksheets! You’re just one click away!


Just as we stepped up, it is now time to step down. That is what the next three worksheets help you learn.  In the first Worksheet, Little Mira keeps forgetting her way to her music class. You have to recognize the path made by stepping down on the staff and lead her to the right door. Can you do it?

Just use the other worksheets to practice more and reinforce the concepts!


Skipping on the Staff

Just as we stepped on the staff, we an simply move from a line to the next line or from a space to the next space to skip notes on the staff. Recognizing these close movements like steps and skips can really help you read and play music more efficiently.

Draw, match ad color. Hope you are ready for the next set of worksheets. Its all about skipping! Go for it!


The Clefs